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Next generation social collaboration

What is Airr?

We combine your social updates with what your fans are sharing about you.

It works by pulling your social media updates out of the “Airr” and displaying them into one organized central location. You then have the option of displaying what your fans are sharing. With Airr, you have a real-time social pulse on your identity and the buzz it generates.

Available for influencers, brands, and events

Share Infinite Social Updates, Photos & Videos!






Outstanding Flexibility

Social Sharing Buttons

Drive the interaction and user involvement! Each update Airr fetches has its own sharing links.

Responsive Design

Easy to use swipe interface is supported for sliding on mobile phones and tablets.

Video Support

Share high-definition video uploads when using YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram.

Social Follower Count

We deliver overall real-time totals for follower, fan, and likes count across all of your social accounts.

How It Works


Sign-Up on Airr

Are you signing-up on behalf of a public brand, company, or special event? Would you like to sign-up for a personal account to share with your fans? Register for a Personal or Brand account today!


Link Social Accounts

During the registration process, select which social networks you would like Airr to collect and display on your behalf. Be sure to list the associated usernames with each social network account.


Share with Friends & Fans!

Thats it! Once your account is setup be sure to point your friends and fans to your uniquely issued profile link. This usually looks something like this: Paste your newly created profile link into your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

Social Interaction

Airr TV Commercial Platform

Digital signage is quickly becoming an essential part of the attendee experience because it is efficient, cost effective, and provides a professional look to a business, conference or trade show. Instagram is a great platform for events. It’s visual, it’s instant, it’s real-time, and it’s easy to use lots of hashtags in one post to go viral. It’s kind of like the digital Polaroid social media network.

With the Airr TV Platform, we make it easy for businesses owners to install one of our interactive Airr TV’s at their location. Engage your customers to view, share, and upload their own media, creating synergy and social buzz online.

Sign-Up on Airr as a Business or Personal Account

Join Airr Today!

Airr-Footer-IconAirr gathers your social media postings from networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, and many more! We organize and deliver them in one concise stream for your fans to enjoy.




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